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Progress and innovation are a key factor for technical ropes for sports and ¬†professional purposes. In KORDA’S we attach great importance to the technologies used to develop all our rope range and provide high-quality standard finishes. In this way our users can meet excellent security and performance standards.

Our technological knowledge arises from our broad experience in the vertical world, our core. In this way we have been able to develop own technologies always considering the singularities and specific requirements of each type of rope. KORDA’S has the necessary technologies to deliver ropes with the highest quality and safety levels.

The union of the sheath and the soul of the rope

Pioneer system ensuring a complete union of the sheath and the core of the rope, and therefore both structures can work together. It also eliminates the unpleasant ‚Äúsock effect‚ÄĚ and the consequent sheath slippage. Additionally, we have achieved a greater dimensional stability and reduced the rope shrinking throughout the rope span life.

The third structure in terms of safety for the rope user

The Titan System is a patented manufacturing system that incorporates a third structure to the sheath and the core of the rope. It is made up of a series of threads located inside the sheath and running parallel all along the rope axis and acting as an authentic armature. Thanks to this Titan structure the sheath tearing is prevented when important rips occur.

The system of the third generation

Summum is Korda’s third generation construction system that unifies on the same rope the Stability and the Titan System. The sum of the advantages of both systems provides a greater cohesion to the core-sheath as well as a remarkable increase of the safety level. This manufacturing procedure represents, to date, the highest exponent in terms of safety of the entire range of technical ropes available in today‚Äôs market.

Respect and commitment to the future and the environment

The ECO System finish provides impermeability to the rope and greater resistance to abrasion, increasing the durability of the rope. We introduced PFC-free compounds in order to deliver durable and waterproof performance without the environmental concerns associated with long-chain fluorocarbons elements.

Water repellency treatment according to sections 2.1.2 and 3.2 of the UIAA 101: 2019 Water Repellency standards, which requires a water absorption rate under 5%. Korda’s ICE treatment guarantees less than 2.5% water absorption. Additionally, it provides a greater resistance to abrasion to the rope.

The rope is pre-shrunk and treated with additives during manufacture. This finish makes it unnecessary to soak the rope prior to use and minimizes the shrinkage during the usage of the rope.

Technology applied to ropes: also in high-quality finishes.

High resistance to abrasion and more pleasant to the touch.

Marks on the rope with a special ink that does not affect the rope’s resistance. Clear indication of the rope’s centre-point and 2 different colours on each edge.