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Respect and commitment with the future and the enviroment

Our commitment to the environment and the conservation of our planet arises from our natural passion for the outdoors, for the wildness that surrounds us and also for its people. Ecology and sustainability have always been part of our spirit, although sometimes it has not been possible to make it visible. We do everything in our hands to contribute to a better future for the next generations.

Our field of work is very complex and the highest levels of security we provide cannot be compromised. Consequently, our sustainability model cannot be based solely on raw materials; it is a deeper and multifactorial action. To achieve this, our manufacturing system is optimized to generate the minimum amount of waste.  As of today’s date, we are generating just 2% of waste.  We reduce our ecological footprint by means of:

  • With waste management. All the production remains and ropes that for any reason have reached the end of their life span are managed in a recycling plant, providing a second life to the polyamide in the manufacture of new products.
  • The Specialized machinery and production chain allow us to achieve a high level of efficiency and avoid the waste generation between production phases.
  • Local manufacturing. All our production processes are carried out in our facilities near Barcelona. Thanks to this “proximity” factor, we can avoid transportation and control 100% of the environmental management of our products.
  • Our factory is mostly supplied with renewable energy through our own installation of photovoltaic panels, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

And last but not least, by using PFC-free components. We have replaced all conventional components with new PFC-free, without C6 and C8 long-chain fluorocarbons. Thanks to this change of components we are proud to inform you that, as from today, our classic system known as Total Dry is now called ECO system.