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Experience and effort

Since the company’s beginnings the aim of Korda’s has been very clear: to produce ropes with high quality standard finishes to guarantee more safety to the user. It is already more than 60 years from then. Nowadays, part of the Company’s human team practices canyoning, caving and climbing. These hobbies allow us to be in contact with professional experts on these activities and keep updated on the latest techniques and usages of our ropes. On this sense, we can focus on the specific needs of these activities with the aim of minimizing risks, improve the ropes quality and guarantee the user safety. All this, along with the production expertise and the continuous improvement orientation, allow us to evolve and revolutionize this world at technological level and with the development of production systems unknown so far.

We work to offer ropes that, besides having excellent mechanical properties, incorporate a high level standard finishing that guarantees the maximum safety to the user.

At KORDA’S there is a R+D+I team with the main job of researching and continuously improving the production processes and the raw materials. Alongside with this research we have developed a complete Management System which guarantees the excellent quality and homogeneity of our ropes and has earned ISO 9001:2000 certification, as well as the certification necessary to satisfy the Article19 (Modulo D) del reglamento UE2016-425.

The range of products shown is the result of the efforts and the will of innovation from the whole professional team who believes in the work well done.

iso 9001
kordas innovacion

Our history

Birth of SACID

Birth of SACID, a family-run company dedicated to the manufacture of cotton twisted ropes and thin twisted cords to supply the neighboring textile colonies.


Individual serialidentification for each sold unit.


Complete bonding of the sheath and core to avoid slippage of the rope sheath for a higher safety, as well as the unpleasant “sock effect”.

Every part of the rope works at the same time providing a longer useful live.

Lluisa 10,5 BINORM
Double Standard

First and only 100% polyamide rope designed to meet simultaneously requeriments of EN-1891 Semiestatic and EN-892 Dynamic.

Titan System

PATENTED rope manufacturing system which increases safety of the rope in case of friction damage.

In additio to sheath and core, the Titan system incorporates a third structure constituted by aseries of filaments parallel to the rope axis inside the sheath structure, transforming it into an “armour”.

Summum System

Summum joins Estability and Titan System, achieving a maximum union between core and sheath, thanks to the addition of the advantages of the two different systems with proved experience.


Allows a descend at double speed of a standard rope without burning.

Manufactured 100% polyamide for a better performance and durability.

New projects coming soon

KORDA'S always at your disposal and all suggestions will be addressed. Your cooperation helps us to improve day by day.