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Always innovating

Just before year 2000, a team of young engineers and entrepreneurs start the design and development of ropes with special characteristics.

Based on experiences and demands extracted from the field, Korda’s opened a new line of research aiming to the reduction of accidents and incidents. Among other items, we focused in new production processes, usage of specific materials and application of new treatments, until we succeeded to get ropes with the following characteristics:

  •  Semi-static ropes finished in the factory, ensuring a maximum durability and the maintenance of their technical characteristics during the longest possible time.
  • Semi-static ropes pre-shrunk in the factory, which reduces for the user the loss of metres during the rope useful life, and avoids the need of soaking the rope before the first use.
  • Union of core and sheath to avoid the slippage of the sheath in case of damage. This means a really big step in improving safety for the user.




In 2002, once already drawn the directives of our work, we created the first specific ropes for every usage.

The innovations in processes and finishes of our ropes were a referent for other manufacturers who sought the way to achieve similar results in their products.

In KORDA’S we have never stopped the research. We continue working with the intention of offering products with still more quality and safety.

Warranty Certificate

KORDA’S certifies that all the products or EPI have a 3 year guarantee period.

There are excluded from the guarantee:

  • Products damaged due to inappropriate storage or maintenance by the user.
  • The rope’s normal wear.
  • The damages and accidents produced due to wrong use or malpractice.
  • Any structural modification of the product.