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Useful life

A rope does not withstand everything, so that any time it may suffer a damage that forces it to be discarded. This can be caused by an improper use, by an expected incident as the fall of a stone, or by any other circumstances. To establish the durability of the rope depends on the usage frequency and the care applied, so that the actual useful life is very variable. The load applications, the contact with metallic elements or the frictions with the rocks, are other factors which contribute to its progressive deterioration.

Even if they are correctly stored, the ropes loose properties along the time due to the synthetic fibres which they are made of. The storage period of a rope, before being used, should not be longer than 4 or 5 years. On the other hand, even if this has not been practically used or that apparently has a good appearance, a rope must be discarded after 10 or 12 years from the manufacturing date. It is imperative that ropes are kept away from chemical products as acids, oils, gasolines,…

In case that the rope comes into contact with a doubtful element, it is convenient to contact the manufacturer/distributor.


Avoid excessive speeds when rappelling. This can cause the melting of the sheath, due to the high temperatures generated on the metallic surfaces in contact with the rope. Be especially careful with pulley devices from stainless steel, because this material transmits worse the heat so that the problem is worse. Use descenders certified for such purposes and do it with the proper techniques.

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It is necessary to check the rope visually and by touch before and after each use. It must be passed through the hand in order to ensure that there are no discontinuities. Examine the whole rope by making loops of approximately half a mtre, thereby forming a circumference. The rope must be gently arranged, without sharp angles. The sheath must be in good condition, without broken fibres or “flowers”.
 This operation must be performed at least once per year by a trained person authorised by the manufacturer.
 The rope must be replaced immediately if its consistency is in doubt.

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If the rope is moderately dirty, it can be cleaned by dry-brushing it carefully using a brush of soft bristles. If the dirt level is higher, it can be washed with cold water and a neutral detergent. It is better doing it by hand using a brush. If it is washed in a washing machine (which is less recommendable), do not apply spinning, because it will increase the rope crimping. Any other cleaning method or materials are prohibited by the manufacturer.

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If the rope is wet, either due to the washing or for any other reason, it must be dried by hanging it in the shade. Do not dry it using heat or in the sun. Store the rope in a cool and dry place, protected from sunlight.

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