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Shrink study on ropes

All Korda’s ropes include one or more finishes, in order to get a more stable behaviour during its useful life. Due to the raw material of the ropes, these experiment a continuous shrinkage along its life, especially the first times they get in contact with water. This curve shows the shrinkage evolution of the ropes in function of the complete cycles soaking-drying. The first cycles present a greater shrinkage and later on, this continues but with lower intensity.

On this graph is shown the approximate evolution of the shrinkage that experience the ropes with and without finishes.

A normal rope, without any specific finish, the first day that enters in contact with water, it shrinks between a 4 and 8 %. A Korda’s rope, at first contact with water, will shrink between 1 and 2 %.

Our production processes allow us to offer ropes preshrunk in factory, saving for the user the important shrinkage produced in the first cycles of soaking-drying.


*The shrinkage values that manufacturers publish in the user instructions are much lower that the real ones. This is due to the testing method fixed by the EN standard, in which the shrinkage measure is made without drying the rope.