Korda’s Soap

Specific soap to wash polyamide ropes.

Thanks to its composition, this soap improves the touch of the fibers eliminating possible dirt and keeping the properties of the rope intact.



Temperature: Always use warm water or water with a temperature below 30º.
Hand wash: Dilute the amount indicated on the table in a bowl with warm water. Ensure that the water covers the entire rope. Wash the rope preferably using the Korda’s brush. Rinse in water to remove soap.
Machine wash: Insert the rope into the washing machine with the amount of detergent indicated on the table according to the meters of rope to be cleaned. Adjust the maximum temperature to 30º and choose a program for delicate clothes. Always avoid the spin, as it would cause the curling of the rope.
Drying: The rope should be dried in a ventilated place and in the shade, always avoiding direct sun. Do not use dryer or other heat source.
Rope meters
Soap quantity
20 m
15 mL
60 m
40 mL
80 m
50 mL
100 m
65 mL

Download the instructions of use.